(MuYI) is a community art-based organization focused on impacting the Mukuru community and building a community of young change makers. MuYI focuses on four strategic objectives: Art for Expression, Social Enterprise, Civic Engagement, and Climate Justice. We use art to raise awareness about proper hygiene and sanitation practices and we have been instrumental in raising awareness about COVID-19 in the settlement.

MuYI was established in 2015 as a long-term platform to address the issues affecting the community, building on the success of the Mukuru Awards. The Mukuru Awards were created as a platform for young people in the Mukuru community to showcase their talents and address the issues affecting their community. The success of the awards led to the creation of the Mukuru Youth Initiative (MuYI) in 2015, which operates as a long-term platform for youth engagement and empowerment.

Mukuru informal settlement is a large slum in the East of Nairobi, Kenya, located between the Outer Ring Road, the North Airport Road, and Mombasa Road. The settlement stretches along the Nairobi Ngong river and is situated on waste land in the industrial area of the city. It is made up of several villages, including Mukuru kwa Reuben, Mukuru kwa Njenga, Sinai, Paradise, Jamaica, Kingstone, Lunga Lunga, Mariguini, Fuata Nyayo and Kayaba. The population of the slum is estimated to be over 700,000.


Our vision is a community that is free from social vices and youths who are focused on seeing the community develop both socially and economically.


To nourish the seeds of knowledge, art and innovation within the hearts of the youth, being a thriving tree, shading all cultures of our community, and eventually bear the fruits of a unified, developed and successful community.

Our Objective

  1. To use art as a tool for expression and communication of social issues affecting the community.
  2. To promote and support social enterprise development among the youth in the community.
  3. To encourage civic engagement and participation among the youth in community development initiatives.
  4. To raise awareness and advocate for climate justice in the community.
  5. To empower the youth to become agents of change and leaders within the community.
  6. To foster a sense of community and belonging among the youth in Mukuru informal settlement.
  7. To create a platform for the youth to showcase their talents and ideas, and to be recognized for their efforts.
  8. To provide training and mentorship opportunities for the youth to enhance their skills and abilities.
  9. To support the youth to develop and implement sustainable community development projects.
  10. To create an enabling environment for the youth to access opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Youth as change makers

Our main objective is to empower youth in the Mukuru community to become change makers and take active roles in the development and betterment of their community. This includes providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities to express themselves through art, develop social enterprise projects, engage in civic activities, and advocate for climate justice. By fostering the talents and potential of the youth, we aim to build a strong and resilient community that can overcome the challenges and social vices that plague the area.

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