Mukuru despite being an informal settlement have large prospects and the youths are really talented. There is no any form of talent that isnt found in Mukuru, with a population of about 600,000 mukuru is devided in different villages hence not being pronounced as the biggest slum in kenya.

Someof the talents and creativities that found in mukuru are;

  • Music being the largest form of art that is usually very visible in all activities.
  • Visual arts, you cannot visit any part of mukuru and fail to see a graffiti or a mural talking about different issues affecting the community. We can also attest that some of the best artist we have seen to use art in depicting the real situations comes from mukuru.
  • Film Making, mukuru young people have been able to produce their own films that talk about different issues and also for entertainment purposes. Talking about film you cant fail to talk about actors who have the best way of telling the story.
  • Dance dance has been widely used inĀ  mukuru, some of the best renown dancers and dance crews can trace their root to mukuru.
  • Acrobats we have acrobats that have been able to travel far and wide to perform.

This are just some of the arts used in the community, for us we choose three that get to really drove our conversation and be able to have impact on our strategic objectives them being;

  1. Music
  2. Film
  3. Visual Art

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