Film is one of the most effective way of passing any message, at MuYI we have a group of filmmakers who are doing their best to be able to bring the issues of the community to light. Its doesn’t end just at the editing table but sharing the films on social media, whatsApp and community screenings.


Below are some of the films produced by the Directors.

1.The Alternative

The alternative is a story of a family living in mmukuru, a single mother who have two children a girl and a boy. The biggest challenge is to be able to access toilets at night in the slum. Check out the film which Julius Rasat id the Director it also won Mukuru Awards 2017 Film of the year.

Tik Tok

Nelmo Munyiri and Hersan Masika collaborated on directing the film, Tik Tok is a ticking time for a mother who falls ill and the only hope for her to survive is a her young girl Natasha since they don’t have water in the house, watch the story about Natasha quest for water.

The Unchecked Injustice

The film that Peris Saleh is the director is a documentation of air pollution and how it affects the residents of Mukuru. Peris goes a mile longer to interview the residents and get to know how the surrounding company are affecting the inhabitant of Mukuru Community.


Kombamwiko is a word meaning ‘Cockroach’ , the film is based on a family man who behave like a cockroach since he is very stubborn and doesnt support the family rather focuses on having sex relationship outside his marriage. The film directored by Nelmo Munyiri focuses on HIV.

Below is the Film.

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