MuYI HUB Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a income generation activity (IGA) that provides internet connectivity to Mukuru community members and its sarounding. MuYI HUB Internet offer internet services, including wireless and broadband, to homes and businesses.

The MuYI HUB ISP focuses on providing internet connectivity to the youth hub and its users, with the goal of empowering them with access to technology and the internet. This would enable young people to participate in online learning, access online resources, and engage with others in the online community.

Some possible services that a MuYI HUB ISP offers include:

  1. Broadband internet: The ISP offers broadband internet connectivity, which provides high-speed, reliable internet access to customers.
  2. Wireless internet: The ISP offers wireless internet connectivity, which enables customers to access the internet using a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. IT support: The MuYI HUB Internet provide IT support to customers, helping them troubleshoot any issues they may have with their internet connectivity.
  4. Online resources: We provide access to online resources such as educational websites, online libraries, and digital learning platforms to its customers.

The goal of a MuYI HUB ISP is to provide reliable and affordable internet connectivity to the youth hub and its users, enabling them to participate in online learning and access online resources to support their personal and professional growth. Its also to raise funds to sustainably support the MuYI HUB day to operations.

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