Mukuru Awards is our annual forum that focuses on apreciating, encouraging and recognizing change makers in the community by using a community award. MuYI started as Mukuru Awards back in 2013 then after two years we decided to restructure the organization to a more organized institution.

In 2017 Mukuru Awards celebrating its 5th year, so far Mukuru awards have awarded over 200 change makers as individuals, groups, teams, organizations and initiatives in sports, arts and community projects.


Every year Mukuru awards attracts hundreds of submission with so many change makers showing interest in being one of the nominees, with a large number of entries the organizing committee is tasked to vetting 5 nominees per category who are shortlisted then the community votes for either of them.

This has enhanced service delivery among institutions and encouraged and challenged young people and the community at large to participate in activities that impact the community positively.

since inception we have seen the community change from a very unsafe community to a safe community with less cases of crime, youths have been engaged in different levels and they have played an important role in community building, so many other youth and youth groups have started their own events in the community since they have discovered they can do it by seeing the success of the mukuru awards.


All over the world awards are used as a way to increase competition among different sectors and player in different fields hence improving service delivery. In organizations each year they award employee of the year in order to encourage and motivate employees.

Mukuru Awards is no different since we seek to encourage and motivate artists, sports personnel, role models, groups and organization working within the community.

Mukuru Awards stands out since it’s organised and executed by the youths in the community and also hosted within the community hence encouraging community participation. The awarded individuals are not only nominated but also voted out by the community.


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