Artist Friday

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Ousman – an artist performing during Artist Friday. Photo Julius Rasat

When Covid-19 pandemic hit Kenya in March 2020, the economies shutdown affecting all sectors with the creative sector being among the hardest hit. With Covid19 restrictions, there were no live performances or social events. The gigs simply disappeared into thin air overnight. Majority of creatives resulted in having live performances online as a way of interacting with their fans. However, artists who didn’t have platforms had a hard time interacting with their fans through their art. As a result of lockdowns and physical distancing measures, artistes, artists, and cultural workers lost their livelihoods directly.

Artist Friday was born to create platforms for artists to perform and interact with their fans through the online space. The activity is usually conducted on every Friday of the week where we host 1 artist and stream the performance/interview on Mukuru Youth Initiative social media platforms. Covid19 killed spaces where musicians didn’t even have spaces to touch a microphone. The artist Friday is also a good platform to prepare artists on how to manage a stage and how to interact with the online space. 

Artists being interviewed during Artist Friday. Photo: Julius Rasat

Through the space, we are able to create a space for artists to showcase what they do and interview them in understanding who they are and what they do. The space is open for all creatives such as music artists, comedians, dancers, visual artists, fashion designers, poets, graffiti artists among others.

With many of them not known to the community, they are able to showcase their talents and arts and through that they are able to get clients, views or new subscribers. As an art based organization, our focus is creating spaces for artists where they can make a living through their arts. 

In case you would love to be interviewed at the at the Artist Friday, you can visit our offices at Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Oppostite Reuben Grounds or you slide in a message to our social media pages.

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