Young people playing tennis table at the MuYI Hub. Photo: Julius Rasat.

The moves and the decision you make will determine how long you will last in the game. Gaming Thursday is a space for young people and children to play board games each and every Thursday. We have games like Monopoly, Scramble, Chess, Ludo and Table Tennis. Through MuYI Hub, we are able to create a space where young people together with children can be busy through playing games translating to not engaging in social vices such crime, drug abuse, early sex among others. By knowing your child is somewhere playing board games, it gives you relief as a parent.

Monopoly game at the MuYI HUb. Photo: Julius Rasat

Studies have shown that playing board games increases board functions. When playing board games, instructions are very important, you must digest them and then figure out what to do. Without tactical thinking, many board games are impossible to win. Planning your strategy improves your problem-solving skills, which benefits you in just about every area of life.

A board game is an excellent tool for learning about winning and losing in life. It makes you understand that is your job to make the best of your decisions and take responsibility for the consequences. You don’t have to be a pro for you to play any game. At the Hub, we always make sure there’s someone who will teach you the rules of the game and play together.

Scrabble game. Photo: Julius Rasat

Mukuru Youth Initiative creates a space where young people can be challenged mentally through games and mentorship. Through the games, we are able to converse, challenge our mindsets and understand why making a move should be studied and how to make the move. We have seen children with passion engaging in some of the games and mastering some of the moves needed to be a champion. We hope some will make careers out of these board games. It’s our objective also that through space we shall be able to have a chess, tennis table or monopoly champions.

Creating a space where young people are engaged in games that challenge their mindset and how they can be able to solve issues is one of our objectives as an organization.

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