MuYI Hub Studio.

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Music on safe hands

Are you looking for a studio where you can record your podcasts, voice overs (for documentaries, TV and radio shows) or an advert at an affordable price. Book your slot at the MuYI Hub Studio.Misee is the current MuYI Hub Studio producer

Misee is the current MuYI Hub Studio producer

. Apart from being a producer, he’s also a lecturer, cinematographer, director, writer, editor, sound engineer and an entrepreneur. For the 10 years he has been in the industry, he has worked with renowned artists like Juliani, Wire, Kaligraph, Tunji, Caterpillar, Nelmo, Eleanor, X-ray among others.

He has also lectured in Zetech College and East African Media Institute. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Ovotox International School. He also creates instrumentals/beats for all genres (types of music).His passion is to transform the music industry positively.

He’s very passionate in making sure upcoming artists understand the music industry as a business, the laws governing it and ways in which they can improve their music career. At the MuYI Hub Studio we guarantee you the best output using your vision as an artist. We bring knowledge, experience, professionalism and quality to your music.We are located at the Reuben Stadium in Mukuru Kwa Reuben.

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