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MuYI Creative Hub is a young people safe space in Mukuru kwa Reuben one of the segments in the Mukuru slums. The Hub is an incubation hub for the creative young people and youth groups around Mukuru, it enables young people to grow there art and social enterprises while getting a safe space.

(Youth discussion on issues that affects them)

The Hub is a space to develop and implement social activities, youth capacity building programs, leadership, art mentorship and good governance programs. It plays the critical role of a platform for young people to learn, share and empower them to work in solidarity for social change.


  • Create space and mobilize resources for young people at grassroots and organizational level to carryout social and empowerment activities for social change.
  • Act as an information center and maximize access to ICT by youth.
  • Offer training and mentorship programs to the youth of Mukuru.
  • Network and link already existing youth organizations in Mukuru.

Objective Action points

  1. Provide necessary skills and link creative with opportunities beyond mukuru.
  2. Provide a platform to share ideas.
  3. Assist in production of creatives work
  4. Assist in networking with other creative in and outside mukuru
  5. Provide mentorship
  6. Give a platform to showcase creative’s

The Hub Spaces

The Hub is a structure that makes sure that it is a ones stop shop for creatives in Mukuru, below are some of the spaces already available at the hub.

  • MuYI Incubation Hub
        (Creatives using the space to develop art stencils)

At the hub we provide a space that act as an incubation hub for any start up may it be a company, business, individuals, artists or youth groups to be able to gain required mentorship and support they need to have their startup running.

The space will also support filmmakers and dancers in the community by having space to access equipment for production of their films, shooting music videos for the artists and rehearsal space for the dancers.

  • Office spaces

The office space host partners and organizations seeking to work in the community and would need a space for either long or short term basis. The space would be leased to the partners depending on the terms of partnership that will be acquired.

  • Audio Recording Studio / Video recording Studio
          (Artist from mukuru recording a song)

We provide quality music records and video for artist around Mukuru. The studio involve sponsorship from selected artists through criteria that will work on, other artist will also access the studio at an affordable fee.

You Can Support the MuYI HUB by donating to the course on the link or MPESA PAYBILL.

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